Q: What is the purpose of mouse pads?
A: Mouse pads play a crucial role in facilitating various tasks on a PC by providing a smooth and uniform surface that ensures the mouse cursor moves without hitches. They also protect the surface of the desk or table from scratches and scuffs caused by the mouse.

Q: What are the different types of mouse pads?
A: Mouse pads come in different types designed with varying materials and features that cater to diverse needs. The classic mousepad has a rubber foundation with a surface made of cloth or plastic, while gaming mousepads typically have a larger surface area with a textured finish. Some mousepads also come with ergonomic designs that provide wrist support and minimize the strain that occurs during prolonged use.

Q: What is the ASUS ProArt series of mouse pads?
A: The ASUS ProArt series of mouse pads are the newest additions to the ASUS lineup. The A4 and A3 models are designed with an antibacterial material that reduces 99% of bacterial adsorption, creating a hygienic workspace. The non-slip bottom design of the pad ensures stability on any surface, while the gray card at the bottom can be used for professional calibration of camera white balance. The ProArt series of mousepads come in two models, with the A3 model measuring 297 x 420 mm and the A4 model measuring 210 x 297 mm.

Q: What is the price of the ASUS ProArt series of mouse pads?
A: The ASUS ProArt series of mouse pads are reasonably priced with the A4 model costing 299 yuan ($43.46) and the A3 model costing 399 yuan ($58).

Q: How does a good mouse pad improve productivity and performance?
A: A good mouse pad is essential for increasing the accuracy and precision of a mouse, which significantly improves productivity and performance during tasks such as gaming or graphic design.