What is the new feature that WhatsApp is working on?
WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will enable users to lock specific chats for enhanced privacy.

How does the feature work?
The feature allows users to lock individual private conversations without having to lock the entire application. The chats are relocated to their respective section and can only be accessed by the user’s fingerprint or passcode. Media files shared on a protected chat are prevented from being automatically saved to the device’s gallery, and unauthorized users are prompted to clear the chat before being granted access.

When will the feature be released?
There is no official confirmation or release date for the feature, but it is likely to be included in future WhatsApp updates.

What other security features does WhatsApp have?
WhatsApp already allows users to lock the entire app with biometric authentication.

What other features has WhatsApp incorporated recently?
WhatsApp has recently incorporated several innovative features in the app, including Meta Avatars, voice chats, message editing, short video messages, and disappearing messages.

How popular is WhatsApp?
WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide and is one of the most popular messaging apps globally.

Do you anticipate trying out this new feature?
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